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Central Venous Catheter


Movable clamp allows anchorage at puncture site regardless of depth of catheter, which minimizes trauma and irritation to the puncturing site. Depth marking assists in accurate placement of central venous catheter from the right or left subclavian or jugular vein. Soft tip reduces trauma to vessel, minimizing vessel erosion, hemothorax and  cardiac tamponade. Single, double, triple and quad lumen is available for choice.

Standard Kits include:

1. Central Venous Catheter
2. Guide-wire
3. Vessel Dilator
4. Clamp
5. Fastener: Catheter Clamp
6. Introducer Needle
7. Introducer Syringe
8. Injection Needle
9. Injection Cap

Optional Compound Kits include:

1. Central Venous Catheter Standard Kit Accessories
2. 5ml Syringe
3. Surgical Gloves
4. Surgical Pledget
5. Surgery Sheet
6. Surgery Towel
7. Sterile Brush
8. Gauze Pad
9. Suture of Needle
10. Wound Dressing
11. Scalpel


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