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Long Term Hemodialysis Catheter


1. The Catheter is made from premium silicone, which has excellent biocompatibility.
2. The dacron cuff can protect immigration of catheter and reduce the chance of CRBI (Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections ).
3. The silicone material makes catheter more
 floppy ,hence it can minimize the trauma to the vein and reduce the incident of clot.

Standard Kits include:

1. Silicone Catheter
2. Vessel Dilator
3. Valved Peelable Introducer
4. Introducer Needle
5. Guide-wire
6. Tunneler (Tocar)
7. Adhesive Wound Dessings
8. Herparin Caps
9. Gauze Sponges
10. Scalpel
11. Syringe
12. Needle with Suture


Long Term Hemodialysis Catheter.pdf