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Hemodialysis Catheter


The Catheter is made from PU  (medical grade), which has better flexibility and anti-kinking performance. 
1. Flexibility & Floppy
2. Thermosensitive, softens as it warms to body temperature.
3. Smooth inside and outside surface, avoid clot formation.
4. Radiopaque,  facilitates quick visualization under X-Ray.
5. No scale, all the tube shall be inserted completely 

Standard Kits include:

1. Hemodialysis Catheter
2. Vessel Dilator
3. Introducer Needle
4. Syringe
5. Guide-wire
6. Adhesive Wound Dressings
7. Herparin Caps
8. Scalpel
9. Needle with Suture

Optional Compound Kits include:

1. Hemodialysis Catheter Standard Kit Accessories
2. 5ml Syringe
3. Surgical Gloves
4. Surgical Pledget
5. Surgery Sheet


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